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Lake Forest Amenities
Nearly one-fourth of the community is reserved for open space and recreation, celebrated with a thirty-acre fishing lake, clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pool, play area, and lakeside walking trail.
Clubhouse: The elegant 7100 square foot clubhouse is located on The Boulevard of Lake Forest with a breathtaking view of the 31 acre lake. The lake house is perfect for special events and outside gatherings, and can be  reserved for private parties and outings.
Poolside: Resort style activity pool just steps away from the Lake House, tennis courts, and walking trail. The 80' x 125' foot lagoon shaped , zero entry pool is the perfect place to splash the day away or lay in the sunshine and enjoy the view of the lake.
The Lake: Vacation everyday with this beautiful lake in the center of your community. Lakeside strolls, fishing, or watching breathtaking sunsets provide the perfect escape.
Fishing: With fishing pole in hand, enjoy the beauty of the sun rising and setting over the lake.
Lakeside Walking Trail: Approxiamately one mile of pristine beauty as you stroll around the lake on the paved walking trail.
Tennis Courts: If you love tennis, it can only be better at Lake Forest with the breeze from the lake and the pool nearby.  Everyday is like a vacation at Lake Forest!
Fitness Center: Look no further than your own community to get a full body workout on the latest fitness equipment. Overlook the lake as you work out on the state of the art Cybex fitness equipment!
Playground: Enjoy the view of the lake as the kids play on the latest play equipment.
Security Patrol: Take comfort in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the trained eyes of the Riley Security team are patrolling to ensure the safety and security of the community.
Riley Security's 24/7 dispatch number: 256-715-7812
For vacation residence checks, please email Riley Security at Please include:
  • Resident's Name and Address
  • Start/End dates
  • Emergency Contact info & Secondary emergency contact info
  • Vehicles to be left at residence
  • Names of individuals authorized to access property while resident is away
  • Any additional information necessary for the officer (i.e. security lights, alarm system, etc
For more information on the services Riley Security offers to Lake Forest residents, watch their video here: