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  • chevron_rightWho do we call when we notice a streetlight is out?
    The streetlights are all maintained by the City of Huntsville. To report an outage, contact the Huntsville Traffic Department at 256-427-6850.
  • chevron_rightWhy are solicitors still knocking on my door when Lake Forest is a "no solicitation" neighborhood?
    First, we must separate religious solicitation from product/service solicitation. Since they are technically not selling anything, religious solicitation is protected by the U.S. Constitutional First Amendment right to "Freedom of Religion". Therefore, religious solicitors cannot be denied even when "no solicitation" signs are posted.
    But product/service solicitors cannot solicit in Lake Forest because it's a No Solicitation neighborhood, right? Not necessarily. The City of Huntsville has provided these solicitors with a loophole to combat "no solicitation" neighborhoods such as Lake Forest. If the solicitor pays a fee, he/she can be granted a solicitation license and badge from the City which allows them to solicit door-to-door, in any neighborhood, regardless if the neighborhood has a posted No Solicitation sign. The only way around the City's loophole is to have a No Solicitation sign posted on an individual residence.
    Since the Lake Forest covenants prevent sign displays without prior approval, the ARC has approved a discrete No Solicitation sign that residents can, with written approval from the ARC, post at their front doors to combat this nuiscance and prevent those solicitors with a soliciation license from disturbing them.
    For further information about the approved No Solicitation sign, please contact the HOA Office.
  • chevron_rightWhy isn't the Annual HOA Meeting an open forum?
    The best way to answer to this question may be to post a letter to the Board from a frustrated Lake Forest resident:
    "I have attended the annual HOA the last two years. Both times, I have walked out very early due to the same five people hijacking the meeting and turning it in to a bitch session.
    Hopefully this year will be different and the moderator will be able to control the process.
    Allowing one person to bring up an issue before the end of the meeting at the Q&A will again lead to total anarchy.
    Note to moderator: Do not answer "any" questions, concerns or issues until the end, and reiterate this over and over.
    Good luck."
    So in order to ensure that the Annual meeting is productive, respectful and considerate of everyone's time, the Board asks that questions be sent in advance of the meeting. Questions will be addressed as time allows.